What should we need to wear for our photoshoot?


What to wear?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get from our clients. There are so many options it can be tricky to know what is best.

There’s no right or wrong thing to wear if your outfits help you to tell your story and capture the memories you want to showcase in your home.

So, if you are preparing for a studio family photoshoot and are stuck deciding what to wear. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a short guide to make sure your family looks amazing in your photoshoot:

Double up! 

Our top tip has to be to bring two different outfits. Maybe you want something smart and then something casual. Maybe you are all football crazy and you want to bring your favourite team kit and then have some wearing your favourite PJs.  Bringing two sets will help us tell your story and showcase your family. 


Choose colours that complement each other and avoid clashing colours. It’s a good idea to stick to a colour scheme with 2-3 colours. Consider incorporating colours from the background or any props that will be used in the shoot. 

Also, consider where your wall art will go in your home. What colour theme will work with, and enhance your home decor? 


Father and children in a studio portrait with light tops on and a white wall behind