How can I personalise my family photographs?

Personalised Family Sessions

It’s time to get personal 😉 

Personalising your family photographs is a great way to tell a story and capture the unique qualities of your family. 

No one wants to see their passport or driving license photo on their wall. Or those school photos that somehow look like your child but manage to miss all their character and personality. We love images that capture who you are rather than what you look like.

So, how do you capture your story, your relationships, and your family in your photographs? Here are our top tips to help you personalise your family photographs:

image of a family enjoying a happy moment with the Dad

Capture a connection!

Stop looking at the camera! 

I know that’s what you’ve always been told to do. We’ve been taking images the same way since they invented photography, if you want to create a genuine connection in your images it’s time for a different approach. 

Try looking at your nearest and dearest instead, grab the kids, and give them a big squeeze.  I know you may not always want to, especially when you’ve just asked the kids to tidy up their room for the fifth time. 

Does your daughter always sneak a hug before school? Do the kids always jump on Dad when he gets home from work? Think about all the things you do together and the interactions you have as a family. These things change as your kids grow up. Make sure you capture them now before it’s too late, rather than pretending you’re a Victorian family in your next shoot. 

three teddy bears and baby sitting on the floor

My favourite thing

If you could pick one object that would sum up your child at this age, what would it be?

family photoshoot with their favourite items and clothingIs there a favourite teddy bear or a comforter that your child must take to bed every day? 

If you’re your kids could spend all day playing with their toys, what would they choose?

Do you or your family play musical instruments? What toys have you spent hours collecting for your child? 

Incorporating props can add personality and interest to your family photographs. Pick props that have special meaning to your family, and that you want to make memories from. 

Father and children in a studio portrait with light tops on and a white wall behind