Get Ready for Going Back to School


It is that time again. Going Back to School for a New Year.

But this time for a new year rather than a new term.  Some children will be moving schools as well.

Preparing for the new school year can be an exciting yet challenging time for parents. To ensure a smooth transition, here are some helpful tips to get ready for the upcoming academic year.

  1. Establish a routine: Start gradually introducing a consistent daily schedule a few weeks before school begins. This will help ease your child’s transition from the carefree summer days to the structured school routine.
  2. Create a designated study area: Set up a quiet and well-lit space where your child can focus on homework and study. Equip it with necessary supplies like pens, pencils, and a comfortable chair to enhance productivity.
  3. Set realistic expectations: While it’s important to aspire for academic achievements, avoid overwhelming your child with unrealistic expectations. Encourage effort, progress, and personal growth rather than solely focusing on grades.
  4. Organize school supplies: Take inventory of your child’s stationery, backpack, and lunchbox. Make a list of necessary supplies and shop together to prevent last-minute panic. Using colour-coded folders or labels can help keep things organized throughout the year.
  5. Update medical records: Schedule a check-up with your child’s paediatrician to ensure they are up-to-date on vaccinations and in good health for the upcoming school year. Share any specific concerns or allergies to inform the school staff.
  6. Communicate with teachers: Attend any back-to-school events or parent-teacher meetings to establish a relationship with your child’s teacher. Share relevant information about your child’s interests, strengths, and challenges to facilitate effective communication.
  7. Discuss goals and expectations: Have an open conversation about your child’s goals and expectations for the upcoming academic year. Encourage them to set achievable goals while supporting them along the way.
  8. Meal planning: Plan nutritious meals and snacks that provide the energy and focus needed for a successful school day. Involve your child in meal planning and grocery shopping to promote healthy eating habits.
  9. Emphasize self-care: Promote a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing the importance of regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management. Encourage your child to find activities they enjoy outside of school to maintain a balanced life.

Remember, every child is unique, and adjusting to a new school year can be challenging. By following these tips and providing a supportive environment, parents can help their children navigate the new school year with confidence and a positive mindset.

Young Child in red cardigan in studio

Then Think About You…

If you have extra time with the kids being back at school why not set yourself goals and targets to achieve?  Book some self-care for you.  A day to relax while the kids are at school, doing all your favourite things.  This doesn’t have to be expensive it could be a day curled up on the sofa watching a movie, or reading a book with your favourite treats.  Even better you can enjoy those treats to yourself.
Have a date day and both you and your partner take a day off work to spend some time with each other, without the kids.  You could go to the cinema, bowling or even just for a walk together.  Plan a picnic or just spend the day cuddled up on the sofa.

It can feel like a stressful time getting back into the routine of school again, but soon it will flow nicely (although not sure it will ever be easy to get the kids out the door).  Before we know it half term will be here, darker evenings, Halloween and Trick or Treats.  2023 has definitely been a year that has flown by.

Book your Family Portrait Before the Christmas Rush

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